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PCLender and ComplianceEase Form Strategic Partnership and Announce Release of Streamlined Mortgage Compliance Solution for Lenders
- Seamless interface between systems reduces risk and improves efficiency of loan origination -

San Francisco, Calif. and Honolulu, Hawaii - October 24, 2005 - ComplianceEase®, a division of LogicEase Solutions Inc., a premier provider of regulatory compliance and risk management solutions, and PCLender.com, a leading provider of web-based loan origination software, today announced the companies' strategic partnership and seamless integration of ComplianceEase's automated compliance solution, ComplianceAnalyzer™, into PCLender's loan origination system, InHouse Mortgage (IHM).

The integration of ComplianceAnalyzer into IHM allows PCLender users to obtain instant reviews of federal, state and local lending laws and regulations, including state license and consumer credit laws, entirely from within PCLender at the point of origination. Benefits include accelerated loan closing, increased loan quality, detailed analysis of loan compliance findings, and fewer complications with lending regulations.

"Prior to using the integration to ComplianceAnalyzer from within IHM, users had to first export the file to the template and then import the file to the ComplianceEase website," said Jessica Gilbert, Technical Training for Residential Finance America. "In this process, many of the data fields were lost in translation due to the programming structure which then required users to take multiple steps in order to complete compliance on a file which was then very time consuming and at times frustrating to the user."

"Now, with just a few clicks of a mouse, users can run ComplianceAnalyzer successfully without having to ever leave IHM", added Gilbert. "No more importing or exporting and definitely no loss of data between the interface and database. Correcting errors on a report is also much less work since you can immediately go to the trouble spot of your loan in PCLender and make the corrections on the spot."

"We are excited at the opportunity to offer our customers ComplianceAnalyzer access through IHM," said Lionel Urban, President of PCLender. "ComplianceEase has been a great partner to work with and their workflow and collaboration features clearly differentiate them from the competition. By partnering with ComplianceEase, we can close the loop for our clients, add value to our business relationship, and make their internal processes even more efficient. We consider this to be a win-win-win situation for all parties involved."

ComplianceAnalyzer is recognized as the industry-standard automated compliance solution and is used by a wide variety of mortgage banking institutions. ComplianceAnalyzer utilizes advanced rules-based decisioning technology to review loan data against an exhaustive and updated legal rules library. The solution organizes results of a compliance review into threshold and variance analyses; individual itemizations of points and fees tests; reasoning; calculations; and citations of relevant legislation in an easy-to-read report.

PCLender is focused on providing automation solutions to streamline all stages of the mortgage banking process including origination, processing, approval, closing, and delivery of loans to the secondary market. It offers an enterprise class system that is ideal for small to mid-size mortgage lenders, banks and credit unions. PCLender's product suite captures all consumer entry points, thus creating simplified process for the consumer and the lender. Its systems are an all inclusive solution encompassing software, hardware, vendor interfaces, and table/data management to facilitate the implementation process of "Best Business Practices".

"We are excited about our partnership with PCLender," said David Girling, executive vice president of ComplianceEase. "With this connectivity, users can seamlessly access our automated compliance solution from within the PCLender environment, via the click of a mouse or as an automatic trigger. This bypasses the integration challenges many lenders face, and enables them to immediately start auditing loans for compliance with ComplianceAnalyzer."

About PCLender
Founded in 1999, PCLender.com Inc. provides hosted software and services to the mortgage banking community. PCLender is focused on delivering low maintenance industry-compliant software solutions to banks, credit unions, and mortgage companies. PCLender empowers lenders to profitably deliver the lowest possible loan rates to consumers by integrating all of the major technology components through the Internet. This streamlines business processes for mortgage lending organizations through cost effective and easy-to-implement tools that provide immediate ROI. For more information about PCLender, visit www.pclender.com

About ComplianceEase®
ComplianceEase, a division of LogicEase Solutions Inc., headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, is a premier provider of intelligent business solutions to the financial services industry. ComplianceEase's web-based platform - ComplianceAnalyzer - is the mortgage industry's leading automated compliance solution. The ComplianceEase expert system utilizes advanced reasoning and decisioning technologies as well as natural language processing to power beginning-to-end solutions in a fraction of the time and for a fraction of the cost of traditional approaches, while providing high levels of accuracy and integrity. ComplianceEase's significant and growing client base includes top tier mortgage lenders, banks, and Wall Street firms. Managed by a team of highly experienced and innovative mortgage professionals, the company is funded by the First American Corporation, the WI Harper Group, and the senior management team. For more information about ComplianceEase, visit www.ComplianceEase.com.

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