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ComplianceAnalyzer® Expands Capabilities to Cover More Non-Traditional, Option ARM, and Interest-Only Products
- Solution enables lenders to ensure compliance on an ever-expanding array of loan products -

SAN FRANCISCO, California, January 29, 2007 - ComplianceEase®, a leading provider of compliance and risk management solutions, has announced the expanded capacity of its flagship product, ComplianceAnalyzer, to include even more non-traditional, interest-only and option ARM loan products. ComplianceAnalyzer's added capabilities enable lenders to not only double-check calculations on the Truth-In-Lending (TIL) statements, but also minimize the risk of compliance violations on a greater percentage of their loans.

The new enhancements expand ComplianceAnalyzer's range to ensure compliance on the ever-expanding array of loan products available on the market today. "Automated compliance evaluation is not limited to traditional mortgages," states Carla Cox, director of regulatory compliance at ComplianceEase. "ComplianceAnalyzer can handle a wide variety of non-traditional, interest-only and option ARM loans, helping lenders ensure that loan terms are correctly disclosed to borrowers, while minimizing the risk of originating high cost loans and violating federal and state laws."

According to The Wall Street Journal's website RealEstateJournal.com, originations of option ARMs increased by 50 percent from 2005 to 2006 and accounted for roughly 12 percent of all mortgage loans originated last year. "It's evident that the popularity of option ARMs and non-traditional loans is continuing to rise," says Cox. "We're arming lenders with the tools to cost-efficiently protect themselves from many of the risks associated with these loan products."

ComplianceAnalyzer has become the industry's standard for automated compliance systems. Within seconds, this web-accessible software solution can check every loan in a loan pool for compliance with federal, state and municipal restrictions. Additionally, ComplianceAnalyzer has the capability to verify truth-in-lending statement calculations, giving lenders the added security of knowing they're accurately conveying payment estimates and finance charges. ComplianceAnalyzer can be deployed in as little as a day, and requires no major up-front investment.

"We're dedicated to providing a tool that can handle the demands of today's market," asserts Dave Girling, president of ComplianceEase. "Just as we keep up with all of the various federal, state, and municipal laws and regulations, we're also keeping up with the needs of lenders. At ComplianceEase, we're committed to accuracy and usability. That's something our clients have come to expect of us."

About ComplianceEase
ComplianceEase, a division of LogicEase Solutions Inc., headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, is a premier provider of intelligent business solutions to the financial services industry. ComplianceEase's web-based platform - ComplianceAnalyzer - is the mortgage industry's leading automated compliance solution. The ComplianceEase expert system utilizes advanced reasoning and decisioning technologies as well as natural language processing to power beginning-to-end solutions in a fraction of the time and for a fraction of the cost of traditional approaches, while providing high levels of accuracy and integrity. ComplianceEase's significant and growing client base includes top tier mortgage lenders, banks, and Wall Street firms. Managed by a team of highly experienced and innovative mortgage professionals, the company is funded by the First American Corporation, the WI Harper Group, and the senior management team. For more information about ComplianceEase, visit www.ComplianceEase.com.

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