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BayRock Mortgage Corporation Deploys ComplianceEase® Automated Compliance
- Company achieves faster processing and easier sale of loans -

SAN FRANCISCO, California, April 3, 2007 - ComplianceEase, a leading provider of compliance and risk management solutions, has announced that BayRock Mortgage Corporation (BMC) has deployed ComplianceEase's ComplianceAnalyzer® after completing a two-week beta test. According to BayRock, the results have been beneficial.

BayRock Mortgage is the first Mortgage Builder Software, Inc. user to leverage ComplianceAnalyzer since it was integrated into the Mortgage Builder processing, underwriting and closing solution. ComplianceAnalyzer is a web-based compliance solution that automates the compliance auditing process. It is easy to use, requiring only a few simple clicks, and powerful enough to examine each loan within seconds.

BayRock Mortgage Corporation, a wholesale lender currently licensed or authorized to engage in mortgage business in 42 states, was previously using another automated compliance product without satisfactory results prior to testing the ComplianceEase solution. "There were some unfortunate issues with our previous outsourced automated compliance provider," explains Thomas O'Neil, Compliance Manager for BayRock Mortgage. "For example, it wasn't detecting state usury laws as it should have been, which can obviously cause problems when we try to sell our loans in the secondary market. In the end, BayRock's management team felt that we needed to make a change and go with a company that has better enhanced capabilities than the one we were presently using."

ComplianceAnalyzer performs a fast, automated examination for each loan and delivers a detailed mortgage compliance analysis report to the user for review. Loans that are considered "in compliance" with federal and state laws and regulations will receive a passing grade on the report. "With ComplianceEase, we get a complete compliance analysis report that provides specific details," adds O'Neil. "The reports also give an explanation of the statutes, so that BayRock employees can easily understand as to why a loan passed or failed. This makes it much simpler to make adjustments on the front end, rather than trying to fix things on the back end after the loan closes. That way, if we need to make pricing adjustments or change the fee amounts, we have documented verification supporting that decision."

Dave Girling, President and CEO of ComplianceEase, explains, "ComplianceAnalyzer is easy-to-use, the results are accurate and comprehensive and the decisioning is delivered in a matter of seconds. We strive to automate a very difficult and time-consuming process and based on feedback from customers like BayRock, we are confident that we have effectively delivered that to our customers".

Compliance certification and proper due diligence can serve as a selling point to investors and other related entities. BayRock Mortgage's O'Neil explains, "State regulatory agencies that conduct required examinations may view the fact that BMC is using an automated compliance solution as advantageous and investors look upon it favorably as well."

ComplianceEase helps users to add value when selling loans to investors in the secondary market. "When a problem loan is discovered, our Loan Closers are provided detailed information about what is wrong and ComplianceAnalyzer will help them restructure the loan in order to be in compliance," continued O'Neil.

"Compliance is a major area of concern in the industry right now," states Girling. "With all of the new laws and regulations in the industry, not to mention the hefty penalties and potential lawsuits, brokers, lenders and investors are all seeking fast, cost-effective and efficient ways to limit their exposure to the risks associated with fraud and compliance violations."

Mortgage Builder sees this as the first of many deployments of ComplianceAnalyzer by its users. "We are always looking to improve the service we provide our customers," explains Keven Smith, President of Mortgage Builder. "Since compliance has become so critical, we partnered with ComplianceEase to ensure customers have easy access to automated compliance. Plus, their technology is not only easy to use and fast to deploy, their pay-per-use model is also extremely cost-effective."

The BayRock Mortgage implementation occurred in a swift manner and was followed by testing and training. "It's been a very pleasant experience," says O'Neil. "ComplianceEase's support staff has been really helpful, knowledgeable and professional. Also, ComplianceEase offers one extra piece that's an important part of the loan origination process. The use of technology in complying with predatory lending laws continues to increase dramatically. ComplianceEase doesn't replace compliance for BayRock Mortgage, but it does make compliance more efficient."

About ComplianceEase
ComplianceEase, a division of LogicEase Solutions Inc., headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, is a premier provider of intelligent business solutions to the financial services industry. ComplianceEase's web-based platform - ComplianceAnalyzer - is the mortgage industry's leading automated compliance solution. The ComplianceEase expert system utilizes advanced reasoning and decisioning technologies as well as natural language processing to power beginning-to-end solutions in a fraction of the time and for a fraction of the cost of traditional approaches, while providing high levels of accuracy and integrity. ComplianceEase's significant and growing client base includes top tier mortgage lenders, banks and Wall Street firms. Managed by a team of highly experienced and innovative mortgage professionals, the company is funded by the First American Corporation, the WI Harper Group and the senior management team. For more information about ComplianceEase, visit www.ComplianceEase.com.

About BayRock Mortgage Corporation
Headquartered in Alpharetta, GA, BayRock Mortgage Corporation is a residential, wholesale mortgage lender that is currently licensed or otherwise authorized to engage in mortgage business in 42 states plus Washington, D.C. The company's philosophy is to provide unparalleled customer service, rapid response to the needs of the broker/lender community, and competitive and innovative financial solutions through a team of professionals all located under one roof.

Supporting this vision of "Rock Solid" customer service is a company rich in products. We simplify the details for our customers by offering a broad array of secondary market products designed to meet the ever changing needs of consumers. From unique "A" Paper Loans and niche non-conforming products to services designed to help borrowers whose credit may be less than desirable ??? BayRock works closely to empower its Brokers and Lenders to meet the needs of their borrowers. For more information, visit www.bayrock.com.

About Mortgage Builder Software, Inc
Headquartered in Southfield, Mich., Mortgage Builder Software, Inc. has been providing high-quality loan origination software (LOS) solutions to mortgage bankers, brokers, credit unions and financial institutions for more than 30 years. Mortgage Builder® is an end-to-end mortgage lending solution for both retail and wholesale production. Their flagship product delivers everything from prequalification and integrated Web services through interim servicing and loan delivery. Mortgage Builder maintains the highest customer retention rates in the industry and is the first provider of Linux-based LOS solutions. In addition to being named one of the industry's top 100 technology vendors, Mortgage Builder has also been recognized for its outstanding customer service by Mortgage Technology Magazine. For more information, visit www.mortgagebuilder.com.

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