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Preston Martin, Former Fed Vice Chairman, Joins the Advisory Board of ComplianceEase

San Francisco, Calif. - April 7, 2003 - ComplianceEase, a division of LogicEase Solution Inc. - a leading provider of intelligent business solutions announced today the appointment of Mr. Preston Martin as a member of its Advisory Board.

In making the announcement, John Vong, CEO and co-founder, commented, "It is a major coup for ComplianceEase to have access to Preston's counsel. His counsel will be invaluable to us as we strive to continue with our momentum in providing automated solutions to lenders and investors that will protect their interests, while helping them to combat predatory lending. No doubt, with his incisive analyses, Preston will give us insights that will enable us to continuously develop the right solutions to improve fair lending, as well as best practices in the industry. We look forward to working with him."

Mr. Martin was vice chairman of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors during the Reagan administration. Besides having responsibilities for monetary policies, he also managed the entry of the 12 Federal Reserve Banks into the commercial marketplace. When he was chairman of the Federal Home Loan Bank Board, Mr. Martin was instrumental in the formation of Freddie Mac® - the first secondary mortgage market for conventional loans, Neighborhood Housing Services of America - a nationwide redeveloper of inner-city neighborhoods, and later Social Compact, which furthers small business and housing development in older urban areas. Martin also led the formation of Neighborhood Reinvestment Corporation. While serving as Savings and Loan commissioner for the State of California, he launched the adjustable rate mortgage program (ARM) for home financings.

In the private sector, Martin founded PMI Mortgage Insurance Company and PMI Mortgage Corporation, for both of which he was the chairman and CEO. He was also the CEO of Seraco Corporation, a Sears Roebuck enterprise. With Simon and Sons, Martin started up entities that acquired savings banks and real estate development firms in California and Hawaii. Mr. Martin is currently the chairman of Martin Associates, a San Francisco based financial services firm.

In Martin's latest endeavor he co-authored "The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Federal Reserve" together with Lita Epstein. The tome published in 2003 by Alpha Books sets out to turn Washington governmental gobbledygook into everyday plain English for the many people wanting to improve their family financial planning.

In academe, Mr. Martin was Professor of Finance and Director of Executive Programs at the University of Southern California. He founded the graduate school of business in Karachi, Pakistan. He served as a visiting professor in Turin, Italy and as a housing consultant in Rome. He received his BA and MBA from the University of Southern California and his monetary economics Ph.D. from Indiana University

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