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ComplianceEase Provides Comprehensive Compliance Solution for the USA PATRIOT Act
- A real-time, flexible system utilizing intelligent screening technology -

San Francisco , Calif. - (BUSINESS WIRE) - October 1, 2003 - ComplianceEase, a division of LogicEase Solutions Inc., announced the launch of the IDentifierTM (IDTM) a beginning-to-end solution to address the significant risk management challenges the financial services industry faces in complying with Section 326 of the USA PATRIOT Act.

David Girling, executive vice president, explained, "To assist financial institutions comply with the new requirements, ComplianceEase provides a comprehensive, yet flexible and customizable suite of services for the USA PATRIOT Act Customer Identification Program (CIP), including identity authentication, government and institution-specific lists comparison, ongoing lists monitoring, record retention, and exception reporting. Federal regulation requires financial institutions and others to implement a risk-based CIP by October 1, 2003, or face substantial financial penalties. Are you ready?"

Girling further explained the capabilities of the ID solution as an advanced intelligent compliance solution that deploys leading edge software technologies, thus making the screening process simple and fast with a high level of performance. Cutting edge analytics enable automatic identification of instances of non-compliance in a matter of seconds. A color-coded RiskIndicatorTM is displayed to indicate possible level of risk along with a detailed and narrative findings report to support each result.

The ID solution enables financial institutions to comply with new regulations while safeguarding them from fraud and identity theft. These easy-to-implement tools and services can be used on an Internet real-time basis, batch process basis, or integrated into an enterprise system depending on company's specific procedures, the type of account being opened and the origination channel. The ID solution brings together the best practices for balancing customer convenience, privacy protection and fraud prevention to help organizations comply with government regulations.

John Vong, chief executive officer, concluded that, "The ID solution delivers the most complete solution available. We continue to invest in the development of innovative tools and techniques that raise the bar and the industry-standard of regulatory compliance and fraud prevention." John also notes that, "we believe the ID solution is the best option for financial services firms as they devise their USA PATRIOT Act compliance strategies."

About ComplianceEase®
ComplianceEase, a division of LogicEase Solutions Inc., headquartered in San Francisco, California, is a premier provider of intelligent business solutions to the financial services industry. Its ComplianceEase platform provides the industry's first automated compliance solutions utilizing advanced artificial intelligence reasoning and decisioning technologies as well as natural language processing. ComplianceEase powers beginning-to-end solutions at a fraction of the time and cost of the traditional approaches, while providing better accuracy and integrity. ComplianceEase also provides professional services, and consulting services. For more information on ComplianceEase, please visit www.ComplianceEase.com.

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