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Lending.com Improves Processing Time & Increases Profitability by Teaming With ComplianceEase®

DALLAS, TX - Nov. 30, 2007 - According to a Realty Times survey of over 1,400 realtors, the number one cause of missed closing dates is due to underwriting delays. In contrast, lending.com's streamlined underwriting process has enabled customers to close a loan in as little as 3 days. Continuing to show their deep commitment to on-time closings and unrivaled customer focus, lending.com has revealed yet another groundbreaking process enhancement.

Lending.com announced today they will be integrating with the industry-leader, ComplianceEase®, to provide comprehensive, cost-effective automated compliance auditing.

"This innovative technology gives us a competitive advantage by reducing our conditional loan approval response times from weeks to mere minutes," says Carrie Kelleher, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer for online mortgage lender lending.com. Through compliance automation, lending.com has the ability to avoid much of the lengthy underwriting process with greater accuracy. A shorter process means faster closings for our customers and increased compliance accuracy means more secure lending. "Ultimately, this streamlined workflow will reduce overall processing time and origination costs."

"We are pleased that lending.com has chosen our automated approach to compliance and risk management," says John Vong, President of ComplianceEase®. "Our solutions will reduce lending.com's unnecessary risk exposure while increasing their efficiency and accuracy with proactive regulatory compliance adherence."

Lending.com has built numerous alliances throughout 2007 in order to save customers time and money during the home lending process. Even during what is arguably the worst housing slump in 16 years, lending.com has managed double-digit growth. With their recent push to strengthen compliance efforts, they predict exponential growth going forward.

"We are excited to be able to simultaneously improve lending.com's overall risk management while providing significant cost savings to our customers," says Kelleher.

About Lending.com
Lending.com is headquartered in Dallas and originates first and second lien residential mortgage loans through their qualified mortgage loan consultants. The company focuses on the buyer in developing a long-term relationship and strives to eliminate the stress out of the financing process, so that home purchasing can be easy and available to anyone at anytime. Homebuyers can search online for the right loan program that fits their budget. Lending.com also offers a fast track program that coaches customers on the right steps to take to gain a healthy credit score within 6-12 months if they are currently unable to qualify for a loan.

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