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ComplianceEase and Titan Lenders Corp. Form Client-Partner Relationship
Comprehensive compliance services complement mortgage back office outsource solution

Denver, CO - December 03, 2007 - Titan Lenders Corp., a closing, post closing and mortgage back office fulfillment services provider, has become a client-partner with ComplianceEase, a leading provider of mortgage industry automated compliance and risk management solutions. Titan Lenders Corp. will utilize the ComplianceEase flagship product, ComplianceAnalyzer®, to ensure its customers' loan packages comply with federal, state and municipal requirements.

Titan Lenders Corp. is an outsource variable cost solutions alternative for mortgage bankers, brokers and investors seeking to reduce risk, errors and overhead in their mortgage operations, while remaining responsive to fluctuations in loan closing volume. Its processes are built upon a proven back-office service model, extensive industry experience, and customized solutions.

ComplianceAnalyzer has become one of the industry's standards for automated compliance systems. Within seconds, this web-accessible software solution can check every loan in a loan pool for compliance with federal, state and municipal restrictions. Additionally, ComplianceAnalyzer has the capability of verifying truth-in-lending statement calculations, giving lenders the added security of accurately conveying payment estimates and finance charges. ComplianceAnalyzer can be deployed in as little as a day, and requires no major up-front investment.

LJL Funding, a La Jolla-based "hard money" equity-based lending resource for brokers, is a Titan Lenders Corp. customer that values the ComplianceEase relationship in large part due to its facilitation of turnrate reduction.

"When brokers turn to a hard money lender, there is typically a compelling sense of urgency," said LJL Funding executive vice President Jeff Arnold. "Combining a highly reputable risk management tool such as ComplianceAnalyzer with the speed and accuracy of Titan's back office services ultimately provides our client with a better service experience. Fast execution yields a competitive advantage."

Its relationship with ComplianceEase, allows Titan Lenders Corp. to provide its customers an industry-leading automated compliance option that can within seconds check every loan in a loan pool for compliance with federal, state and municipal high cost and consumer credit laws and regulations. ComplianceAnalyzer integrates with Titan Lenders Corp. web-based process automation platform, Cerberyx, a contemporary technology platform designed specifically for its processes.

"Mortgage lending is poised to become an even more complex business model as a result of proliferating compliance and regulatory requirements, and the risks related to them," said Titan Lenders Corp. founder and CEO Mary Kladde. "Through our relationship with ComplianceEase, Titan Lenders Corp. can assure its customers that their loans have been subjected to one of the most rigorous and reliable automated compliance examinations available."

In addition, ComplianceEase and Titan Lenders Corp. will co-market their services and capabilities to mortgage lending enterprises that are interested in improving business results through mortgage process automation and innovation.

Kladde noted that lenders outsourcing their backoffice operations to Titan Lenders Corp. have choices available to them that would not be financially feasible under an in-house model. Titan's cross-pollination with respected specialty vendors in the mortgage industry allows it to customize processes to reflect a lenders' unique business practices in meeting the requirements of their investors and warehouse line providers to ensure the best possible salability turntimes, she added.

"We are very happy to have teamed with Titan Lenders Corp. to provide access to our intelligent mortgage compliance and risk management solution. Lenders receive the benefit of partnering with the same compliance solution used by some of the largest investors in the industry," said Nina Travinsky, vice president of ComplianceEase. "Equipped with ComplianceAnalyzer, Titan's Cerberyx will effectively deliver compliant audits to the mortgage industry."

According to Kladde, the compatibility between the ComplianceAnalyzer tool and the Titan Lenders Corp process automation platform will also allow her firm's back office process model to perform even more proficiently.

About ComplianceEase
LogicEase Solutions Inc., headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, is a premier provider of business solutions to the financial services industry. Its web-based platform - ComplianceAnalyzer® is the mortgage industry's leading automated compliance solution. The system utilizes advanced reasoning and decisioning technologies as well as natural language processing to power beginning-to-end solutions in a fraction of the time and for a fraction of the cost of traditional approaches, while providing high levels of accuracy and integrity. ComplianceEase's significant and growing client base includes top tier mortgage lenders, banks, and Wall Street firms. Managed by a team of highly experienced and innovative mortgage professionals, the company is funded by the First American Corporation, the WI Harper Group, and the senior management team. For more information about ComplianceEase, visit www.ComplianceEase.com.

About Titan Lenders Corp.
Founded in 2007 by acknowledged industry expert Mary Kladde, Titan Lenders Corp. is a Denver, Colorado provider of mortgage back office outsource services. Titan was created to meet the mortgage industry's increasing demand for a variable cost solution to managing closing, post closing and mortgage fulfillment processes without maintaining personnel or an investment in technology infrastructure. Titan enables mortgage bankers, brokers and investors to decrease risk, increase closing capacity, reduce errors and protect loan profitability by outsourcing process-intensive back office functions while focusing on productive origination strategies. Focused on delivering business process improvement to mortgage lenders through its time-tested and proven back office methodologies, Titan Lenders Corp. emphasizes attentive customer service and the use of its powerful technology to accommodate its customers' unique mortgage lending business objectives.

Titan Lenders Corp. intelligent processes are driven by its proprietary technology, Cerberyx, co-developed with eSys Technologies, Rochester, NY (www.esystechnologies.com). Cerberyx is the evolution of a software technology application developed to replace manual processes required to manage the lender's participation in closing and post-closing functions. As a business solution, the software was developed in the practical laboratory of a closing and post-closing division servicing multiple lenders, investors, and lending business channels. It addresses the needs of all users in the transaction - accountability, visibility, efficiency and ease of use - while never losing sight of the end goal: loan salability.

For more information about Titan Lenders Corp., contact Mary Kladde at mary.kladde@titanlenderscorp.com.

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