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ComplianceEase, a division of LogicEase Solutions Inc. ("ComplianceEase") considers the security of our clients' data to be of the utmost importance and works hard to protect it. ComplianceEase has coupled modern technology with strict security policies and procedures, all designed for one purpose: to protect the private information of our clients against all types of loss and intrusion. ComplianceEase's overall security program involves a number of different components, including encryption of data transmitted over the Internet, hardware and software security, physical security of servers and databases, and contractual security protection. This combination of sound procedures and top quality technology creates an ultra-secure environment for our clients' data. All data transmitted over the Internet to and from ComplianceEase servers is protected with high-level SSL encryption, which is the recognized standard for protection of data transmitted over the Internet. Our servers will refuse a connection from any computer using browser software that does not support SSL encryption. While we work hard to protect your data, ComplianceEase cannot warrant or guarantee the absolute security of any information.

  1. ComplianceEase's Web pages are authenticated by VeriSign SSL Web Server Certificates. ComplianceEase's domain name certificates are verified and validated by VeriSign to ascertain that encryption procedures are in place. VeriSign is an industry leader in Internet authentication services. For more information, visit VeriSign.

  2. ComplianceEase enforces strict physical security rules governing access to our servers, firewalls, facilities and communication channels. Physical equipment access is limited to authorized personnel only and monitored around the clock by a dedicated staff using motion-activated video surveillance systems.

  3. ComplianceEase has established rigorous procedures for data recovery. These procedures are tested and validated constantly to ensure no loss of data in the event of a system failure. Data is backed up in encrypted form and stored in an off-site fire-proof facility.

  4. ComplianceEase's systems have been designed for maximum dependability and "up time" through use of redundant server clusters, redundant communications circuits and back-up generator power supplies.