Use Form 4506-T to Verify Borrower Income Quickly and Easily

In today's consumer lending market, lenders and investors are moving quickly towards requiring income verification and IRS tax transcripts for every loan. To meet these increasing demands ComplianceEase® has reinvented income verification, building 4506xpress™ from the ground up to be the industry's most accurate and most cost-effective solution by using unique automation technology and focusing on streamlining workflow.

Cost-Effective Income Verification

4506xpress leverages ComplianceEase's unique automation technology and processing expertise to reduce the labor and time costs of income verification while ensuring accurate tax transcripts that satisfy the demands of lenders, investors, and regulators. Submit orders with just a web browser, or through seamless integration with your LOS. 4506xpress gives you a quick and user-friendly process to obtain accurate income information directly from the IRS and automatically verify borrower-provided income figures:

  1. Place Order Using Online 4506xpress Platform
  2. Upload or Fax 4506-T Form(s)
  3. Monitor Status with Real-Time Dashboards
  4. 4506xpress Sends Alert When Order Completes
  5. Audit Report Flags Issues with Borrower-Provided Income

Reduce Risk Efficiently

  The 4506xpress platform intelligently helps loan officers and brokers enter 4506-T orders correctly
  Dedicated ComplianceEase experts review each and every 4506-T order before it goes to the IRS
  Learn immediately when corrections need to be made so that loans don't get held up
  Easy-to-read dashboards and concise email alerts communicate the status of every order
  4506xpress can connect directly to LOS and other internal systems for a truly seamless workflow

Simplify 4506-T Requests

  User-friendly screens guide users step-by-step through the process
  Intelligent built-in logic double-checks every order before it reaches the IRS
  Every one of ComplianceEase's 4506xpress experts has experience resolving issues directly with the IRS
  Flexibility to upload scanned 4506-T forms or use your fax allows you to choose the delivery method that best fits your workflow

For more information on 4506xpress, contact your Account Manager at 1.866.212.EASE (3273) or send us an e-mail at Contact CE.