QC Certify Overview

In today's increasingly competitive mortgage industry, controlling the cost of origination isn't easy; especially when you're facing roller-coaster production levels. At the same time, the risks of non-compliance today are greater than ever. ComplianceEase® can help you control your expenses with QC Certify flexible outsourcing quality control services.

QC Certify Benefits

QC Certify provides a complete quality control program for lenders to meet the requirements of the capital markets, agencies, and warehouse banks, from sample selection to management reporting. In addition, we customize review programs to fit the needs of each client's requirements. QC Certify provides comprehensive audits covering:

  Post-Close Production

As a lender, you simply submit copies of the loan files to ComplianceEase and our team of professional auditors reviews the loan information, producing detailed, timely, and cost-effective due diligence reports.

QC Certify Performs

Audit review of loan files encompassing:

  Statistical or Random Sampling
  Discretionary and Target Sampling
  Credit Underwriting Re-verification
  Investor/Agency Guidelines Validation
  Fraud Detection
  Regulatory Compliance Review
  Predatory Lending Compliance Review
  Data Integrity Review
  Legal Document Review

QC Certify Delivers

QC Certify management reporting that is comprehensive while customizable ensuring that your monitoring and loan quality controls is flexible, efficient and effective. Standard reporting includes:

  Executive summary
  Loan-level findings reports supported by detailed analyses
  Trend analysis
  Management reports

For more information on QC Certify, contact a ComplianceEase Client Manager toll-free at 1.866.212.EASE (3273) or send us an e-mail at Contact CE.