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ComplianceEase® strives to be the mortgage compliance leader and a trusted source of information. CE@Work is designed to empower the public with up-to-date information about the complex and ever-changing world of mortgage compliance.

The Weekly News Update (WNU), our weekly newsletter, is the public's direct link to the latest mortgage compliance news. In addition to the WNU, ComplianceEase clients also receive Compliance Alerts that provide the latest news regarding legislation enactments.

ComplianceEase webinar events are complimentary online seminars covering important regulatory compliance topics for mortgage industry professionals. These web-based events are designed to offer compliance professionals expert insights and information from experienced industry professionals and nationally recognized regulatory compliance authorities. Webinar events can be easily viewed at your own convenience on the day of the event itself or after the event once the session is archived.

BillTrackerTM provides clients with access to the latest news, status, and updates regarding all federal, state and municipal compliance legislation. Compliance professionals using BillTracker receive a clear and detailed picture about the current status of all compliance-related legislation affecting the mortgage industry.

We will be adding new features to CE@Work, so please check back with us periodically.