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John Vong, CMB, CMT, on eExams and Lending Compliance

John Vong, CMB, CMT, is president and co-founder of ComplianceEase, Burlingame, Calif., and a frequent contributor to MBA NewsLink. He can be reached at MBA NEWSLINK: Last fall, state and federal regulators took the unusual step of publicly calling on the real estate finance industry to integrate state-developed data standard with mortgage loan origination…
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Maximizing VA Lending in Today’s Mortgage Environment

With mortgage origination volume expected to remain flat this year and the cost to originate reaching $8,611 per loan in Q4 2018, according to the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA), many bankers are struggling to compete in today’s environment and cannot afford to turn away any opportunities. Even though they only represent approximately 10 percent of…
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Home Equity Lending: the Good, the Bad and the Compliance Challenges

If the home equity lending market were a character in a western movie, it might be called “The Comeback Kid.” In 2007, lenders had $2.03 trillion in home equity lines of credit and closed-end second mortgages on their books, according to analysis from Inside Mortgage Finance. But then the crisis came and that number steadily…
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