The ever-changing landscape and corresponding challenges of today's mortgage regulatory environment, together with regulators' adoption of electronic exams (e-Exams), means that now more than ever banks and lenders must implement automated loan-level compliance technology in order to keep up. ComplianceAnalyzer, the industry's standard for automated compliance, provides cost-effective audits and monitoring for hundreds of financial institutions, including 3 of the top 5 mortgage originators in the nation, regulators, investors, and GSEs.

Comprehensive Audits

Real-time audits include thousands of rules across multiple jurisdictions, such as:

  TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure rule (TRID)
  Loans ineligible for Qualified Mortgage (QM)
  Home Ownership and Equity Protection Act (Sections 32, 35)
  NMLS ID verification (SAFE Act))
  State and municipal high cost / anti-predatory laws and regulations
  Loan originator compensation restrictions
  State license-based consumer lending and licensing laws and regulations
  Secondary market investors' and GSEs' compliance guidelines
  Lenders' internal compliance policies

Built for TRID

ComplianceAnalyzer provides flexible TRID compliance for different origination channels and workflows, offering the choice to audit loan terms at each point in the loan lifecycle or implement complete monitoring of all fees and tolerances for every Loan Estimate and Closing Disclosure. Each audit report serves as an independent third-party compliance review, providing complete evidence of TRID compliance. Comprehensive fee and disclosure monitoring includes:

  Loan Estimate (LE) and Closing Disclosure (CD) delivery timing sequencing, fee names and tolerance
  Changed circumstances and reasons for redisclosures
  Post-consummation cure analysis

Intelligent Workflow

  Compliance decision rendered in seconds
  Comprehensive loan-level reports supported by detailed regulatory and cure analyses
  Industry standard baseline RiskIndicator
  Exception tracking and reporting
  One-click delivery of loan portfolios to investors and regulators

Audits Available Everywhere

Activate audits right away through pre-built integrations with over 30 industry-leading service providers, including top loan origination and loan document generation systems. Easily conduct correspondent, post-close QC, and due-diligence audits using a full web browser-based application with batch auditing.

Major loan origination systems (LOS)

Top loan document systems

Speed Through e-Exams with RegulatorDirect®

State regulators use ComplianceAnalyzer to make examinations easier and you can too. As a ComplianceAnalyzer user, when a regulator contacts you about an e-Exam you can use RegulatorDirect to save time and replace multi-step exam preparation with a single click:

(ComplianceAnalyzer users only)
Step 1 Select loans in ComplianceAnalyzer and click to submit to regulator Download instructions and Lending Examination Format™ (LEF) template
Step 2 Map loan data fields from source system(s) to LEF format (approximately 200 data points)
Step 3 Create data export from source system(s) to LEF format
Step 4 Encrypt LEF file(s) based on the LEF encryption specifications
Step 5 Validate encrypted LEF file for formatting errors
Step 6 Correct data formatting errors until file is error-free and Validation Code is generated
Step 7 Submit LEF file(s) to regulator

Learn how ComplianceAnalyzer improves your competitive edge. Contact a ComplianceEase Client Manager toll-free at 1.866.212.EASE (3273) or send us an e-mail at Contact CE.

Primary Residential has been using ComplianceAnalyzer in production for many years. In every electronic examination that has required us to submit loan-level data, RegulatorDirect has provided us with a simple and straightforward process to comply and to deliver the necessary information. It has made preparing for examinations much easier and quicker.”

Burton Embry
Vice President-Compliance
Primary Residential Mortgage,Inc.