Centralize Controls and Reduce Costs

The 2010 RESPA amendments created new compliance challenges for lenders trying to get control of fees, disclosures, and changed circumstances policies. As lenders struggle to ensure that originators deliver accurate disclosures, ComplianceEase's loan data shows that the industry continues to violate HUD-1 fee tolerances on almost 20% of audited loans, costing an average of $1000 in reimbursements for each of those loans, due to incorrect GFEs. RESPA Auditor™ is an entirely web-based RESPA compliance solution that reduces the costs and simplifies the challenges of staying RESPA compliant by centralizing RESPA workflow, controlling revised GFEs and changed circumstances, automating fee tolerance audits, and providing reports that pinpoint violations from application to closing and beyond.

Simplify Your RESPA Compliance

RESPA Auditor is a completely web-based enterprise compliance solution that combines ComplianceEase's compliance expertise and innovative technology to ensure that your disclosures - from initial GFE to final HUD-1 - are accurate and compliant:

  Control fee increases for changed circumstances
  Instantly roll out changes to corporate policies
  Determine in one click whether, and when, revised GFEs are allowed
  Ensure HUD-1 fees do not exceed 0% and 10% tolerances of binding GFE
  Prevent costly reimbursements by running continuous audits during origination

Control your RESPA Workflow

RESPA Auditor's consistent, uniform auditing and comprehensive record-keeping helps you build an efficient and compliant origination workflow:

  Keep centralized reports of all loans, their violations, and their reimbursements
  Management maintains all available changed circumstances in one location
  Collaborate online while still maintaining a centralized, easily-accessible audit trail
  Transfer loan data into RESPA Auditor directly from ComplianceAnalyzer
  Maintain a complete audit trail of who applied changed circumstances, when, and why


Advanced Features You Can't Find Anywhere Else

RESPA Auditor also offers all of the same benefits that made ComplianceAnalyzer?? the market leader in regulatory compliance:

  Comprehensive support from ComplianceEase's team of experts
  Tests that highlight and summarize all violations
  Detailed reason text and legislative citations that explain test results
  Web-based - no software to install - and accessible from anywhere with web browser
  Management reports to monitor progress of originations and reimbursements 

Learn how to take control of your RESPA compliance. Contact a ComplianceEase Client Manager toll-free at 1.866.212.EASE (3273) or send us an e-mail at Contact CE.