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The traditional manual processes of compliance auditing are inefficient and prone to inaccuracy and data integrity concern.

If your organization lacks automated solutions for compliance procedures, the challenging process of maintaining compliance with regards to anti-predatory lending laws is complex, chaotic, and costly.

Many financial institutions faced with this dilemma have been forced to cease operations in cities and states where they do not have the right technological resources to comply with the complex and frequently changing patchwork of statutes and ordinances. ComplianceEase® offers innovative solutions to answer this challenge.

Through automation, our solutions simplify the compliance audit workflow process while increasing accuracy and uniformity levels. Our solutions use proven cutting-edge analytics to identify instances of non-compliance and explain the violations through narrative findings reports.

Our sophisticated yet easy-to-understand statistical management reports provide institutions with an advance warning system to compare production data and track quality trends. Upon the submittal of loan data, our solutions use the CriticalDecisionTM platform to instantaneously render a set of real-time decisions that clearly shows the non-compliance risk level.

Workflow Process


ComplianceEase's automated compliance solutions include the following products:

  RESPA AuditorTM
  HMDA AnalyzerTM
  CRA ManagerTM
  ComplianceAnalyzer® CertifyTM

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