Modernizing Loan File and Portfolio Due-Diligence

Performing due-diligence on mortgage loans is a fact of life in today's market, whether you're meeting requirements of secondary market investors or determining the quality of loans your company is acquiring. Unfortunately, existing due-diligence services have costly per-loan price tags because they focus on paper files and can't leverage the availability of electronic data.

To enable the residential mortgage industry to control due-diligence costs in today's increasingly competitive market, ComplianceEase® created ComplianceAnalyzer® Certify™ - a technology-driven, outsourced due-diligence service designed to:

  Focus on detailed, loan-level compliance audits
  Provide higher accuracy through technology
  Yield faster project turnaround of just 1 to 5 days for most projects
  Deliver at dramatically lower cost than traditional manual due-diligence

Reducing Costs Through Technology

ComplianceEase recognizes that with today's technology it is much easier to obtain electronic data for pools of loans prior to conducting due-diligence reviews. ComplianceAnalyzer Certify delivers a streamlined due-diligence process through technology, leveraging the electronic loan data you have available and combining it with paper or imaged loan documents. Even if the available data is incomplete or needs "scrubbing", ComplianceEase's team draws on the company's unique and extensive experience gained through successfully integrating automated compliance audits into more than 30 industry platforms and internal systems.

Delivering a Streamlined Process

ComplianceAnalyzer Certify's simplified, flexible due-diligence process enables you to provide a combination of electronic and file-based loan information from a basic set of loan documents:

  Note or Specific Closing Instructions
  Mortgage Insurance Certificate, if applicable
  Final Truth-in-Lending Disclosure & Itemization of Amount Financed
  Final HUD-1 Statement

From there, ComplianceEase's experienced team extracts and processes the loan information and runs a ComplianceAnalyzer automated compliance audit on every loan. ComplianceAnalyzer Certify provides executive summary dashboards as well as detailed loan-level reports that empower your institution with:

  Protection against originating or purchasing high-cost loans across the country
  Mitigation of non-compliance risk through audits against more than 5,000 rules at the Federal, State, and Municipal levels
  Assessment of rescission risk and determination of consumer disclosure accuracy that's powered by ComplianceEase's own Truth-in-Lending calculation engine
  Flexibility to audit against agency compliance guidelines such as the GSEs and HUD

Redefining Due-Diligence

Most importantly, because ComplianceAnalyzer Certify is powered by the industry-leading ComplianceAnalyzer automated compliance system, due-diligence reports are widely recognized in the industry for their clarity and accuracy. ComplianceEase has been uniquely focused on mortgage compliance for more than 7 years and this service is powered by the same automated compliance technology that is in use by more than 250 institutions and regulators across the country. ComplianceEase is the industry leader in automated mortgage compliance and the ideal co-sourcing partner for your due-diligence needs.

Learn how ComplianceAnalyzer Certify improves your competitive edge. Contact a ComplianceEase Client Manager toll-free at 1.866.212.EASE (3273) or send us an e-mail at Contact CE.