Format Loan Data, Conduct Mock e-Exams, Review Compliance Audit Results, and Deliver to Regulators

Mortgage and banking regulators conduct electronic examinations (e-Exams) to audit institutions' loans for compliance with applicable state and federal consumer lending laws, and examinations will now include audits for TRID compliance. It is more important than ever that loan data and origination processes are in compliance with TRID requirements. ComplianceEase can help you to prepare for your next examination with electronic loan data formatting, mock e-Exams, loan-level audit reports, and delivery to regulators.

Get Help From the e-Exam Experts

ComplianceEase offers e-ExamReady with flexible services for you to select the help that you need. The FirstPrep™ service provides formatting and preparation of the required Lending Examination Format (LEF) file specifications for e-Exam submission. The FirstCheck™ service allows you to conduct a mock e-Exam using ComplianceAnalyzer® and TRID Monitor™, similar software to what regulators use in e-Exams. FirstCheck provides you with loan-level audit reports and a portfolio dashboard and enables you to electronically deliver the correctly formatted and validated LEF to state regulators.

Choose from Flexible Services

  FirstPrep™ FirstCheck™
Get help mapping and scrubbing loan data  
Perform validation of data integrity and formatting  
Conduct a mock e-Exam with ComplianceAnalyzer and TRID Monitor  
Review loan-level audit reports and portfolio dashboard  
Seamlessly deliver LEF to state regulators  

Prepare for a New Kind of Regulatory Exam

You can't prepare for what you haven't seen. e-ExamReady offers simple and cost-effective ways for you to preview compliance audit results and format required electronic loan information for submission. With the right preparation, your institution can be aware of and mitigate risk while reducing costs.


For more information on e-ExamReady Services, contact a ComplianceEase Client Manager toll-free at 1.866.212.EASE (3273) or send us an e-mail at Contact CE.

With the e-ExamReady Complete service from ComplianceEase, I was able to check all of my loans before sending them to the regulator, with the same auditing software that they use. Not only did the service show me the results I could expect from my regulatory exam, it gave me the knowledge and support I needed to prepare my LEF submission quickly and easily.”

Matt Dawson
Vice President
Paramount Equity Mortgage